Where do I stand


Parental Rights in Education: I support the rights of parents to partner with school boards in deciding what educational materials are placed in school libraries and what is taught in our classes. It is important that explicit sexual content is removed from our library shelves and that discriminatory philosophies like Critical Race Theory that separates us by race are not being taught in our schools.

Economy and Inflation: I support sound fiscal policy that directs our federal government to balance our financial books with appropriate spending levels, cuts in non-essential programs and lower federal taxes to spur economic growth. I oppose the Biden-Pelosi budget and emergency spending that has produced the largest growth in inflation since the 1970s. The sharp increase in gasoline prices, heating and electricity and skyrocketing cost at the grocery stores are the direct result of run away government spending. I will oppose those policies and will bring sanity back to our budget process.

Life of the Unborn: I am pro-life. Every life is important, and I intend to support legislation in Congress that will encourage life and adoption while supporting vulnerable women and families.

Crime and Safety: I support our men and women in law enforcement and oppose the defund the police movement. Crime is skyrocketing in our communities because we have torn down respect for law enforcement personnel and the rule of law. Our police forces need the support of all of Congressional District 1. As your Congressman, I will vote for an increase in funding to our departments and the salaries of our crime fighters.

Israel and Anti Semitism: I support the nation of Israel and its right to defend itself against aggressive neighbors in the Middle East and Persian Gulf such as Iran. It is imperative that the United States continue its unique and historic relationship with Israel through our military, diplomatic and economic alliances.  I also condemn the rise of anti-Semitism that we are witnessing in this nation and at university campuses through the destructive BDS movement. As a Black man that has faced discrimination, we must stamp this hatred out and bring people of goodwill together.


America's Big Issues and Andrew Jones' Big Ideas to Fix Them

We can't expect solutions from the same people who have allowed our problems to persisit.  We need new leadership.  It's common sense.

It starts with common sense.